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Fun for the Young

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

As part of our library's mission, we've long been committed to providing "a creative and welcoming environment for children." How we do that continues to evolve over time. There have always been children's books for various age groups, preschool story hours, and summer reading programs. However, there's always something new.

As times changed, we created children's videos and began adding educational project kits and games to our collection that can be checked out. Some of the videos attracted a fair number of views. The kits, however, were rarely checked out. Regardless of how we promoted them, they were mainly "out of sight, out of mind." A change was needed to get them out where people can see them!

Unfortunately, there really isn't room for them in the children's area, but at least they are out in the main library now, on a shelving unit at the front of the library. A few of the more valuable electronic items are still locked up in the Learning Center, but we have photos posted of the ones available for checkout.

There are Mackin Take-and-Make STEM project kits. There are also assorted educational games and building materials. Story Cubes provide a fun way for a group to create a story.

I hope that this move will make people more aware that these items are available.

Another new thing for young people involves creative writing. We have now joined the Cosmic Writers Virtual Program Hub network. This network provides programs to encourage young people to engage in creative writing. As a Program Hub, we will promote their workshops and provide computer/internet access for young people who want to participate in Cosmic Writers programs but lack their own internet access. The next Cosmic Writers event is coming up soon. Cosmic Writers sent us this description:

Legends of the Lorekeepers: Dungeons-and-Dragons-Inspired Fiction Writing

A virtual creative writing workshop by Cosmic Writers

Asynchronous from March 6th–April 3rd

Synchronous meetings on Mondays 7:00pm–8:00pm EST

For teens ages 13–18

Calling all dungeoneers and dragon tamers! Want to learn how to conjure a world from scratch? Looking for an Elixir of Life to animate your characters with depth and personality?

Whether you are a veteran Dungeon Master or a first-time player, you are cordially invited to join our Dungeons & Dragons Creative Writing Workshop! To embark on this quest, join us on Discord from March 6th – April 3rd. We will gather for synchronous workshop meetings on Mondays at 7pm EST. The Discord community will run asynchronously over the course of the month.

Note: When signing up for the workshop, the Cosmic Writers suggest a donation amount for those able and willing to give. This is NOT required. The program is free for all to participate. Any donation made through the Cosmic Writers sign-up will go directly to Cosmic Writers. Our library does not charge for participation in programs.


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