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Women’s History Month

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Our Biography Section display of books

March is Women’s History Month. In celebration of this, our faithful volunteer Rhonda has created a display in our biography section. Note that any of the books on the display may be checked out at any time — there are plenty more to fill any gaps in the display!

Our shelves throughout the library contain many books and DVDs focused on the history and accomplishments of women throughout the ages. Bestsellers include the following books:

  • The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women, by Kate Moore

  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot (We also have the audiobook.)

  • Hidden Figures, by Margot Lee Shetterly. (We have the movie, too!)

The “Who Is/Who Was” series for children Includes short biographies about Abigail Adams, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, Susan B. Anthony, Sally Ride, Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller, Sonia Sotomayor, Betsy Ross, Clara Barton, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Sacagawea. We have many other biographies written for children and youth.

Our biography section contains books written for adults about many women, including Marie Curie, Dolly Parton, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Rosa Parks, Catherine the Great, Julia Child, Maya Angelou, Corrie Ten Boom, Queen Elizabeth, Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Elizabeth Blackwell, Martha Washington, Betty Ford, Harriet Tubman, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

2020 was the centennial year for women winning the right to vote, chronicled in books for all ages, including:

  • The Women’s Suffrage Movement, edited by Sally Roesch Walker

  • Votes for Women! by Winifred Conkling

  • Rightfully Ours: How Women Won the Vote, by Kerrie Logan Hollihan

  • Why Couldn’t Susan B. Anthony Vote? by Mary Kay Carson

  • Women Making History: The 19th Amendment

DVDs from the Animated History Classics (for children) include videos about Joan of Arc, Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Florence Nightingale, Pocahontas, and Harriet Tubman.

Other DVDs about women:

  • Mother Theresa: In the Name of God’s Poor

  • The Vote (PBS)

  • Women of the Bible

All these and many more are waiting for you at the Meyersdale Public Library!

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