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Marching Into April?

As I write this, March is ending, and April is almost here. It's that time of year when things are beginning to grow and bloom. We're having more warm days, though chilly days and even the possibility of snow linger. The world is waking up from a winter nap. Days are longer, more things seem to be happening. We have books to reflect the changing seasons.

It's a time of year when people start spending more time outdoors. It's time to begin thinking about gardens and growing things, though it's a little too early to actually begin planting anything outdoors that can't handle a late frost. We have a lot of gardening books to help you plan for your summer garden, whether you want to grow flowers, or fruits and vegetables, or both.

Our Pennsylvania Maple Festival is less than a month away. We'll be displaying books about Maple as we turn the calendar over into April. We have story books, cookbooks, and how-to books all related to maple. We also hope to debut our new Story Stroll with a maple-themed book called "The Sweetest Season."

Major world religions are observing important holidays at this time of year. We have books about those, too. Christians have been observing Lent since Ash Wednesday on February 22, and will soon celebrate Easter on April 9.

The Jewish observance of Passover is April 5 through April 13 this year. as they remember being delivered from slavery in Egypt.

Islam's holy month of Ramadan is observed by fasting from sunup to sundown. It falls on March 22 through April 20 in 2023. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, which is a lunar calendar.

We invite you to come see all we have to offer for this marvelous time of the year!

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