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Got News??

Updated: Jan 11

We here at the library realize the loss of our community's newspaper is a profound one. With our mission statement in mind, we want to do what we can to help, even if it's only in a small way, as The New Republic - our community's weekly newspaper for the past 122 years - has ceased publication.

With The New Republic not publishing, the Meyersdale Public Library would like to help fill the community information gap. We hope to put a little free weekly newsletter out into the community -- both on paper and online -- with local events and some noteworthy information.

Online issues may be found here:

However, we need information to put in it and more places to distribute the newsletter.

Send your noncommercial planned events and news to, stop by the library and give us your news on paper, or mail well in advance to Library Community Page at PO Box 98, Meyersdale, PA 15552.

This stopgap effort is in no way going to replace a weekly newspaper, but it may help keep people informed about some community events. Please share information about planned activities with us. We cannot publish advertising for commercial sales, but we'd love to share news of your charitable, church, nonprofit, or other such community events.

Paper copies are available at the library and several local businesses. (We welcome more places for people to pick them up!)

Libraries are not just about books, but about problem-solving through information.

Our focus is to provide information resources, local history and genealogy services,

and a creative and welcoming environment for children.

Meyersdale Public Library Mission Statement

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