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Expanding Wi-Fi access and Recycling Event

Dennis Kenyon and Spencer Insanger of ITDRC.

If you passed by the library on Friday afternoon, you may have seen a white van with the name “Information Technology Disaster Resource Center.” Folks from ITDRC have been busy working to extend the reach of our library’s Wi-Fi signal to the new park area located across Main Street from the side of our building. When their work is done, you will be able to sit in the park with your laptop or smart phone and use our public internet access.

ITDRC is a non-profit organization that works to meet communications needs during disasters. Typically, they work in the aftermath of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, etc., where communication is impaired by infrastructure damage, but vital to rescue and relief efforts. Because the COVID-19 has made everyone so much more dependent on internet access for work and school, they are now working to increase internet access in areas where the “digital divide” is an especially big problem. They have extended Wi-Fi availability in a number of public areas in Somerset County.

Extension of our Wi-Fi will be available throughout the COVID-19 disaster. Its future beyond that is uncertain. Federal regulations prevent us from providing such widespread access to our Wi-Fi under normal conditions.

Thank you to Cheryl Morgan of Somerset County Federated Library System for contacting ITDRC, and making their work know to us and to others who are trying to increase local internet access.

Saturday’s electronic recycling event, sponsored by the Friends of the Library, was successful. A steady stream of vehicles dropped off items. Thank you to the Friends of the Library for organizing this event, and thank you to all who participated and/or made donations to the Friends in support of the library on Saturday.

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