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Celebrate! Celebrate!

Updated: Feb 13

cake decorated to look like a library with books on shelves and a desk.

Our Friends of the Library's Death by Chocolate fundraiser is always a festive and enjoyable event. This year's was especially lively. The weather was lovely, we had a wonderful crowd, and some of the entries were especially noteworthy. Just look at that library cake! It's enough to warm the heart of any library director. Miranda Durst's intricate creation, OMG It's a Library Cake! tied for second place with Lindsay Baer's Dark Chocolate Expresso Torte in the cake competition. If you look at the titles of the books on Miranda's cake, they all celebrate things here in Meyersdale.

This is a year for celebrating Meyersdale, because it's the 150th Anniversary of the town's incorporation as the Borough of Meyersdale. Stephanie Lambert's grand-prize winning Have Your Cake and Cookies, Too entry displayed that theme.

cake with chocolate icing, ivory icing, and "150" candles

Bells will ring out from churches all over town to celebrate at noon on February 19, the actual anniversary date. That's just the beginning of a year of festivities.

Our library's archivist, Jennifer Hurl, is hard at work on a volume of Meyersdale historical photos. It will be a while before it's ready to print, and we are nowhere near ready to take orders for it, but I think it will be a great collection that anyone connected to Meyersdale would enjoy.

We have a great town, and great people. Let's all celebrate Meyersdale this year!

Here is the complete list of Death by Chocolate prize winners, and a photo of winners who were present:

photo of winning bakers in the Death By Chocolate contest,


First Place & Best of Show: Stephanie Lambert - Have Your Cake & Cookies, Too

Second Place: Tie Between Miranda Durst - OMG It's A Library Cake!; and Lindsay Baer - Dark Chocolate Expresso Torte

Third Place: Tie Between Pat Coberly - Chocolate Buttermilk Cake; and Patty Bittner - Chocolate Raspberry Cake


First Place: Carol Tressler - Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Second Place: Mel Reckner - Melting Snowman Cookies

Third Place: Fay Hajel - Deluxe Chocolate Marshmallow Bars


First Place: Joan Weaver - Bittersweet Fudge

Second Place: Grace Oakes - Guinness Chocolate Truffles

Third Place: Tie Between Tarrah Cox - Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Bites; and Patty Bittner - Cherry Chip Creams


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