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Books and Chocolate

These are a few of my favorite things: books and chocolate. And cats, but we can't have a cat in the library -- some people are allergic. However, we do have books -- and as I write this, we have chocolate, too!

Yes, after missing out for two years due to Covid-19, Death by Chocolate is back!!!

If you're not familiar with Death by Chocolate, it is the annual (at least, until Covid-19) chocolate creation contest and auction that our wonderful Friends of the Meyersdale Public Library hold to raise funds for the library. The judging and the auction are graciously hosted by our neighbors at Amity United Church of Christ in their fellowship hall. Jesse Maust graciously donates his services as auctioneer.

However, there is also a bake sale, and that is held in the library! Not everything at the bake sale has to be chocolate, but there is enough chocolate here for even a hard-core chocoholic. Therefore, for two days in February, I have the privilege to be surrounded by both BOOKS AND CHOCOLATE! And you can be, too, if you come see us during the bake sale!

The contest and auction during the evening are ALL CHOCOLATE, ALL THE TIME. Some of the creations are absolutely FANTASTIC!

If you like chocolate (and other baked goods) come see us at the bake sale Friday, February 10 (and Saturday the 11th, until we're sold out of baked goods.) And for a real chocolate blast, come to Amity for the judging and auction, which starts Friday at 5:30. It's a fun evening.

If you like to bake or make chocolate candy, the contest is open for anyone to enter who brings their entries between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to Amity's fellowship hall.

I am grateful to everyone who makes this event such a sweet success!


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