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Meyersdale 150th anniversary

2024 is the 150th anniversary of Meyersdale's incorporation as a borough.  We are involved in the process of planning the celebration.  We hope everyone will join in and celebrate #meyersdale150th!

Click the button below for our initial planning letter.

150 years.png


"Birthday party" dinner

Sesquicentennial t-shirts and mugs 

Meyersdale theme song

Town-wide scavenger hunt, and

Time capsule burial


@ the Library:

Centennial Essay Contest for youth

Slide show local history programs

New online PA POWER Library collections with old photos

 Memory book of historical local images


Yet as the Meyersdale Centennial Committee noted in preparing for our borough’s 100th anniversary celebration in 1974, “The success of any project depends almost entirely on the cooperation of the Citizens of The Community if it is a community project.” A half century later, this still holds true.

Thus at this point many discussions revolve around integrating the upcoming 150th celebration into the things folks in Meyersdale normally do in the course of a year: the Maple Festival, Alumni Weekend, our Independence Day celebration, the County Fair, etc. Almost any organization or business can put a little #Meyersdale150th pomp into its typical activities during 2024!

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